Have you ever been forced to cope with puppies that have been abused? Have you been on the lookout for some insight to help you out? You have indeed arrived on just the right page. Our primary aim in the proceeding discussions shall be to demonstrate the strategies you might adopt to restore the confidence of your abused puppy.

First of all, Prepare and Place them in a Safe Shelter is very important.

Start off by renovating the shelter wherein the puppy stays. This procedure is necessary as the puppies spend much of their time indoors. By providing a safer and more comfortable shelter, you get to provide a reliable place to lean on. Be sure to shield the shelters from all forms of noise as the least the puppies may want when abused is noise.

Make sure Converse with them in Soft and Low Tones.

Yelling and openly confronting the abused puppies will often add fuel to the fire. Such activities will usually worsen their states and lead to depression. You should, therefore, converse with the abused puppies in soft and low tones. Caressing them will also go a long way in diminishing stress and revitalizing their vital bodily processes. This will also liven their zeal and moods.

Handle them gently and with Love.

Apart from conversing with them in soft and low tones, you should also see to it that you handle them generally gently and with great love. With regards to this, never at any time hit them or make some sudden and surprising moves. These will only serve to scare them and lose the little confidence they may have been left with.

Smile broadly with them.

Your facial appearance makes all the more difference. This stems from the fact that puppies do understand and are affected by non-verbal languages such as facial expressions. The manner in which your face appears has the potential to make or break the situation. You should, therefore, make every effort at any time to smile broadly with the abused puppy. This will set the right tone and transmit the same level of affection and tranquility to it.

Approach them with Slow Movements.

As hinted above, sudden and violent movements will often worsen the moods of the puppies further. You do not want to end up in such a state at all, would you? For this reason, you should approach the dogs with as slow movements as possible. This is to ensure that they do not get scared at all. It is also to instill some extra confidence on the whole.

Avoid forcing them to do anything.

When puppies are abused, they tend to lose their zeal and enthusiasm. They, therefore, tend to be more lethargic and lose the happiness they once had. Usually, you will often be tempted to harass or coerce them to performing their vital daily chores. You should, however, avoid this temptation at all costs. On the contrary, be kind to them while encouraging them to take some necessary course of action.

Put in Place a Substantive Reward Mechanism

None of us abhors gifts. The same case applies to the puppies. To cheer them up and aid them in recovering after an abuse, you may want to make use of some reward mechanism. Use treats and caresses to do so. Tone down your confrontations also. This way, you will also enhance their self-esteem and let them get over their disappointment with ease.

Be proactive while handling the Puppy

In times of an abuse, your puppy will often be lethargic and without any pleasure at all. At such a time, you have to be very proactive while handling it. Take it for a walk, play with it, and initiate the processes of exercising. Always keep watch of them as they are usually too fearful to be left alone at such times.

Maintain a Regular Exercising Routine.

For the best possible outcomes, you have to put in place and maintain a regular exercising regime. Be sure to make the exercising regime as comprehensive as can be. Do this by incorporating all the various aspects of a healthy exercising regime and adhere to it strictly. This way, your puppy will more likely recover faster and enjoy the process of recovery altogether.

Make the Puppy feel Loved and Appreciated

At all times while restoring your puppy to its original mood, you should make it feel loved and appreciated. Make it the center of your focus and attention at all times. Engage it clearly and communicate softly with it also. This way, you will let your puppy reverse the issue of low self-esteem. You will also aid it in recovering quickly and reliably.

Feed the Dog Well

You can never hope to enhance the recovery of your dog effectively without feeding it properly. With regards to this, you should feed your puppy a well-balanced diet. You should accompany this balanced diet with intense physical activity to aid in the digestion and absorption of food. This will help to build the muscles and enhance the overall welfare of the puppies.

Exercise the Dog

As hinted several above, exercise is a vital component of the care of the puppies. They make a lot of contribution to the health of the puppies as a whole. These include the enhancement of the digestion and absorption processes and the release of the endorphin ‘happy hormones.’ Exercising also lets the puppies acclimatize to their new environments faster and better than they would otherwise.

Protect the Dog from its Phobias

Puppies, just like the other kinds of animals also have their own phobias. They may fear loud noise, certain household pets, external weather elements, and so on. As part of your rehabilitation regime, you should identify these phobias and keep them at bay. This will aid in their recovery on the whole. It will also enhance the building of self-esteem and a sense of appreciation.

Build Success and Confidence to the Dogs

Lastly, you want to create opportunities which the dog may leverage to become successful. Prepare some tasks, activities, chores, and initiatives which your puppy loves. Encourage the puppy to take part in these activities. By succeeding in these activities, your puppy will build its confidence and overcome the abuse it may be suffering from. This will also hasten the process of recovery.


As you may well have realized, dealing with a puppy that has suffered abuse is no mean feat. It is a task that you will have to lay your life for if you ever hope to make some meaningful headway. It is nonetheless achievable and requires no much monetary investment. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and rehabilitate your puppy right away!

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