Brain Training For Dogs Review: Worthy or Scam? – Personal Experience


As a dog owner myself, I know exactly what it means to be in love with dogs. Since you’re reading this article, I’m sure you do too!

Dogs are loyal friends that constantly provide you with affection and attention and easily become lifelong companions. These furry companions have been known as man’s (or woman’s) best friend for years and rightfully so!

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures that provide companionship and physical security for their owners as they are natural protectors by nature. It doesn’t hurt that dogs have also earned a fitting reputation of being one of the most loyal breeds of pets around.

With all of the great qualities that dogs possess, there is no wonder why owners become confused when their loyal companions begin to exhibit behavioral issues. When dogs begin to exhibit signs of behavioral changes or issues, there is usually something simple that is the cause.

Dogs can begin to have issues in areas related to eating, sleeping, toileting habits, destruction of property and other undesirable behaviors from time to time. The great news is that most issues are easy to resolve once you’ve identified the underlying cause of the problem.

One popular resource for dog owners whose canine companions are showing signs of impending trouble is the Brain Training for Dogs course.

I’ve taken the time to personally review the Brain Training for Dogs course and following are my assessment of the course including answering the following questions.

  • Is the Brain Training for Dogs Course a Legitimate Course?
  • Does Brain Training for Dogs really yield positive results?
  • Does Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training course really work?

Keep reading for the answers to these questions and a few more surprises as you learn the benefits of how brain training can help you to curb your dog’s bad behavior

A Little Bit About Me:

I’m Elizabeth Perez and I work for a successful Media firm based in California. I am also a dog lover.

I think of my dogs Albert and Lisa as extended members of our family which includes myself, my spouse John and our infant son.

Spending time with Albert and Lisa is the highlight of my day. I especially enjoy taking them on long walks and to dog-friendly environments like dog parks to mix and mingle with other dogs and their owners. I’ve learned to really savor this special time with my fur babies while managing a full-time job and household.

In the past, we’ve had some issues with behavioral problems when Lisa became overactive. This was a rough time for my family as my husband and I tried to cope and find viable solutions to resolve the problem.

Some of the hyperactive behaviors that Lisa exhibited during this time were aggressive attention seeking behaviors including excessive and unstoppable barking. The barking began to extend to our walks and I became really concerned when she began to bark at people and other dogs walking by.

There came a point when I was at my wit’s end when she began biting. The first time that it happened, I thought it was a mistake until I realized that Lisa was biting intentionally. After being seen by a doctor and purchasing expensive cream to treat the bites, we knew that something had to be done.

We tried everything from soft chew toys to isolation to resolve the behavior issue with Lisa and things only seemed to get worse. The final straw was when we had company over for dinner one night and the guests were very afraid to eat their dinner. Secretly, I was afraid too with the level of aggression that Lisa was displaying.

The next day, I decided to make some changes, otherwise, we would have no choice but to take drastic measures with our beloved family pet. I made a list of all of the undesirable behaviors that Lisa was displaying and I came up with the following:

  • Aggressive Behavior Towards Strangers and Familiar People
  • Barking Aggressively
  • Attention Seeking Behavior
  • Whining of Aggressive Begging
  • Random Bouts of Restlessness
  • Intentionally Biting During Play

We began doing research online in order to find a solution for Lisa’s behavioral problems. I learned that in some cases when you ignore the undesirable behavior that it goes away on its own. That was not the case with Lisa. The more we ignored her, the worse the behavior became. We also went through several expensive chew toys that only temporarily resolved the problems that John and I were experiencing.

As I began to do more research I began to learn the value and importance of training your dog. I didn’t think that I could afford to send Lisa to a trainer and I was left with the only option that was available at the time and that was to train her myself.

I was really anxious and concerned as I had major behavioral and safety issues to contend with. The behaviors that Lisa was exhibiting seemed to be becoming worse by the day and I had to come up with a solution fast.

This is where Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs program came in.

After what seemed like an endless online search, I stumbled upon a resource that looked promising. I found Adrienne Farricelli’s website and I liked what I saw there. I learned that Adrienne is a professional dog trainer who has owned and trained thousands of dogs during the course of her career.

Even better, I learned that she had an amazing affordable online course that could help me to solve the behavioral issues that I had been having with Lisa! I was a little bit skeptical at first because this course that she was offering, was actually affordable. I figured there had to be a catch. But there wasn’t!

Take a look at the video below that shows Adrienne Faricelli in action.

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What is INSIDE Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a positive reinforcement based training system that requires force-free training. In other words, you don’t have to force your dog to cooperate or assert dominance. This training program does exactly what the name suggests, it literally trains your dog’s brain!

Before taking advantage of this course, I really believed that the only way to train a dog was by using force and asserting dominance. I had no idea that there was another way which was the main reason why I was so afraid to do it at first.

After learning some of Adrienne’s methods I decided to give her $60 courses a try(20% off with coupon). I was pleasantly surprised at the results that I was getting using her force-free method for such an affordable price!

As the course becomes more popular Adrienne has been able to lower the price so that more dog owners are able to train their dogs using this force-free method.

What is Included in the Brain Training for Dogs Program

I purchased the Brain Training for Dogs program using a coupon that was posted in one of my favorite dog forum communities. If you’d like to sneak a peek at the coupon or forums, you can follow the link here:

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After purchasing the course and applying my coupon, I immediately received my course login details via email. Upon receiving the login email, I used the provided information and logged in landed in the members’ area which includes important account details along with exclusive perks and discounts for members.


Once you have access to the member login area, you will see an array of topics related to resolving your dog’s behavioral problems along with the following.

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum


1.Dog Training and Courses

This section introduces you to the concept of brain training along with introducing you to Adrienne, the course instructor. Adrienne explains in detail exactly how her brain training method works in preparation for the upcoming sections.

The layout of this course is informative and easy to navigate. The best part is that Adrienne explains each step in easy to follow detail. She also provides practical advice and images to illustrate new training concepts.

2.Puppy Training

True to its’ name, the puppy training section focuses on training puppies early on in order to prevent any future behavioral problems by waiting to train your puppy. I could have benefited from Adrienne’s puppy training system while Lisa was still a puppy to prevent the problems that I ended up having.

Take a sneak peek into the puppy training section below.


There are different techniques that Adrienne recommends to apply based on the puppy’s age. For example during the fear period which lasts approximately 8 to 10 weeks, Adrienne explains that it is critical to develop a bond of love and friendship with your puppy in order for them to feel safe in the world.

3. Behavioral Problems

Any dog can experience a behavioral problem should the right circumstances occur. Luckily Adrienne has devoted an entire section to addressing behavioral problems that some dog owners face.

Some of the behavioral problems that are addressed in this section are aggression, whining, excessive barking, psychological problems, and other commonly related behavioral issues.

Take a sneak peek at the Behavioral training section below.


Notice that each subcategory contains at least 10 to 15 articles that include methods and techniques for solving specific behavioral related issues with your dog. Each technique includes variations that are adaptable for your individual pet’s needs.

Take the aggression section in the behavioral training section for example. This section alone includes links to over 20 resources that explain how to implement each training solution in a step by step format with pictures.

Here is an example of behavioral training content related to excessive barking.



4.Adrienne’s Archive

The archive addresses common behavior problems and provides access to quick resolutions to these common issues. Adrienne’s archive contains two subcategories.


  • Article Archives – A collection of all of the articles related to common issues like barking and aggression all in one area.
  • Video Archives – This special video collection shows Adrienne in action with her dog Einstein and provides examples of the techniques that she uses for behavior modification.


5. Case Study

In the case study section of Brain Training for Dogs, Adrienne shares her personal experiences with Sadie and Maggie which are two out of thousands of dogs that she has trained. The case study shows that before training with Adrienne that Sadie was a therapy and service dog that had developed behavior issues like whining and possessiveness that would cause her to stand by the door for hours.

Maggie had a different issue, she would continually jump on all of the people around her! While it was a challenge for Adrienne to train Maggie out of this jumping behavior, she was able to curb the behavior using the Brain Training for Dog method.

Learn how Adrienne trained Maggie out of this pesky behavior with this coupon that gives you a special discount off the program.

6. Forum

To address the concerns of fellow brain trainers, Adrienne includes a community forum in the training program. All brain training members are provided access to the forums so that they can interact with other members going through the training to ask questions and share successes.


Adrienne also participates in the forum activities and will jump in from time to time to address important member questions and concerns. I was very happy when I found a few solutions to the issues that I had been having with Lisa being discussed on the forums.

Training Components Included with Your Course

  • Brain Training for Dogs – Course Overview
  • Brain Training Dog Manual – 328 Pages
  • Behavior Modification Manual – 89 Pages
  • 21 Training Videos with Examples

Benefits of Brain Training for Dogs

Anyone who is experiencing behavior issues with their dogs can benefit from Brain Training for Dogs. This program was exactly what John and I needed to get our beloved (yet unruly) Lisa back on track. The program provides solutions for common problems that owners experience with their pets.

Keep in mind that brain training techniques are for dogs with mild to moderate behavior concerns. More severe issues will require another method for training and professional intervention.

While the methods used in Brain Training for Dogs really work, the course only works as well as you do. You have to be mentally prepared to address the challenges that will come up during the course and committed to doing the work for yourself and your pet to realize success using the program.

The benefits of successfully completing the brain training program are having a more well-behaved dog while saving time and money on expensive trainers, and most importantly not having to surrender your pet due to behavior issues.

How Brain Training for Dogs Works

The Brain Training for Dogs program works by teaching you how to develop a strong bond and trust that are required for you and your dog to complete the training phase of the course successfully. Using this program not only trains your dog, but it teaches you to remain calm and in control while dealing with your dog’s issues patiently and with a steady hand.

The program teaches you to gain more of your dog’s trust by giving him or her loads of rewards and praise throughout the entire learning process. The love and support that you show your dog during this time will motivate them to work hard each time as they enjoy the praise.

This graduated program teaches you all of the tricks and techniques that you will need to teach your dog to obey your commands by gradually training them to complete tasks that become more complex over the course of the training.

Adrienne Farricelli also busted the myth that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” with her popular Brain Training for Dogs program. Using simple techniques Adrienne has shown us that old dogs, can indeed learn new tricks! Remember my dog, Lisa?

She is an older dog and I used the techniques provided by Adrienne to train her out of bad behavior.

The methods and techniques that Adrienne teaches really do work. Adrienne provides real-life examples of how to complete the training and exercises in an easy to follow format. By the time you complete the program you will have a new love for dogs and possibly for Adrienne as in many cases, this program turns out to be the last resort for dog owners who have been facing the possibility of having to surrender their beloved pet.

The ultimate question that I know you want to have answered is: Does the Brain Training for Dogs program really work? Keep reading for my answer to this question.

Does the Brain Training for Dogs Program Really Work?

The simple answer is Yes! The program worked wonders for my dog Lisa who went from being an aggressive dog to a much more calm and relaxed pet. Lisa has stopped biting and has learned how to be gentle during our playtimes.

Lisa was able to absorb the information in the program resulting in a more intelligent and calmer dog. I’ll also address that shocking fact about Lisa that I mentioned at the beginning of the article in the next few paragraphs.

Brain Training for Dogs worked wonders for me and my dog Lisa. I am completely satisfied with my results and I know that with patience and dedication that other people can also experience these same results with their troublesome pets.

Adrienne has created the program in an easy to follow format that teaches you how to implement treats and rewards into your training strategy. Some of the techniques that Adrienne uses are literally out of this world, but, they get results!

You can get results just like the professional dog trainers do using these simple and easy to follow training techniques.

I have learned how to give clear instructions to Lisa and remain firm so that she always knows exactly what I expect from her. Overall we have a much better relationship!

My Results Using Adrienne Farricellis’ Brain Training Method

Now it’s time to take a look at some of mine and Lisa’s results. When we first began the training program I was struggling to get Lisa to follow my commands and instructions. After implementing the praise and rewards technique, this behavior drastically improved!

The training course taught me how to use a simple command to get Lisa to immediately curb any aggressive or excessive barking behavior. I am so glad that I made the decision to use the Brain Training for Dogs program! It has literally changed our lives.

Brain Training for Dogs Pros and Cons


Force-free training methods use positive reinforcement to train your dog.

Adrienne Farricelli is a professional dog trainer with over 10 years of hands-on experience and proven techniques to help you train your dogs.

The methods used in the program are easy to learn and apply.

The training materials include a wide variety of tools including articles and videos to make the training process fun and informative.

This program offers a money-back-guarantee that promises to deliver top-notch training services that change your dog’s behavior or your money back.


There is really only one major con and that is the amount of reading that is involved in learning the techniques of the program. The way to get around that is to digest the content in the easy to follow video format.

Final Assessment

As a working mother with so many daily responsibilities to manage, this program has been a Godsend. I wasn’t sure if I would even have time to complete the program and fit the training into my daily schedule. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the program was so easy to follow and implement and I am impressed with the amazing results that Lisa and I have experienced.

I highly recommend the Brain Training for Dogs program to new dog owners and those who are currently experiencing behavior issues with their beloved family pets. Train your dog out of his bad habits and into the best dog on the planet using Brain Training for Dogs.

Enjoy this article? Feel free to share this article with other dog enthusiasts who will benefit from the content shared here. If you want to share your own training success stories please post your comments using the comments section below.

Where to Buy

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